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Welcome to the MASL Lesson Plan database! The lessons in this database have been submitted by Missouri School Librarians. Lessons may be used or adapted as needed for your own instruction. Please cite the creator of the lesson when possible. Lessons may be viewed by the name of the guide, age group or subject. If you would like to submit a lesson to the database, please submit using the MASL Lesson Plan Database Submission Form or contact

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MASL Curriculum Committee Members 2023-2024

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Dot Unplugged

I Eat Poop: A Dung Beetle Story

A Walk in the Words

The Scarecrow

The Library Fish

Hamsters Make Terrible Roommates

Invasion of the Unicorns

Who Wet My Pants?




The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip

What Can You Do with a Rock?

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Created by Members: MASL Curriculum Committee (2023-2024) and MASL Lesson Plan Database Task Force (2022-2023)